November 3/16

Ok ok ok...50mm in November already...the sponge is full so now we have to wait for the excess water to run off, and it's pouring out of here at a great pace...that believe it or not is the good news...the not so good news is that the Glen will be closed and the Pines will be open to foot traffic only..if it doesn't rain any more there might be a chance of getting carts out on the pines by noon BUT(notice the big but) I'll update that little tidbit by 11:00(there is only an 80% POP this morning). Ok ok ok...if you've just arrived in this neck of the woods, the sponge is full because since the middle of September we've received over 400mm of rain when normally we receive only 145mm. Whoever has influence over such matters , give us a breather for a bit!!!


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