November 28/16

The old 1-2 punch of 'drown you out freeze you out' has happened again. The rain we got yesterday almost cancelled the gain we made draining, almost... the Glen will be closed again today and the Pines will open after the frost lifts and almost against my better judgement with carts allowed...there is a low spot the cart path goes through on Pines 9 that the carts will have to go around which means driving carefully and slowly in the fairway around the said low spot then immediately back on the cart path. If done right there will be no damage, done wrong this will be the last time we try this experiment. 10:00 is the time I'm guessing we'll get going today but as everyone knows that is a fluid timeframe, pun intended...oh and the sun might shine.

Kelly P.s.- the range will be closed until the water recedes

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