January 11/17

-6 with clear skies...not helping at all..ok, where do we sit at present? After yesterday's bit of snow we're white again but it's just a dusting so no long term problem with that. The Glen is mostly clear of the December snow and just sits frozen waiting for some warm rain to thaw out (next week). The Pines has issues. The fairways and greens on 2,3,4,5(not green) and 6 are still covered in December snow and will need extra time when the warm rain hits.

Now the when. Starting on Sunday the temperature is supposed to rise above the freezing level at night and start raining. We'll need close to a week of said good weather to thaw the Glen and probably as long again to thaw the Pines. Golf in January might not take place this year if above said good weather is any way diminished.

I'll update next week after the rain starts. Patience.