January 18/17

Well the rain finally arrived and I say it's about time.  60mm so far and more on the way.

What is our present state? The snow is for the most part all gone. Yesterday we were frozen solid now today we've thawed down about 2 inches but we have water sitting on the frozen layer and not sinking in so it's wet everywhere.

When will we be able to get out? As soon as possible!!!! I know that's vague at best but it's all up to Mother Nature. With all the rain we're getting the Glen won't be open for a few ( couple? ) of days and the Pines is frozen a bit more than the Glen so it's hard to call at this time. Tomorrow is only a 10% chance of opening so don't hold your breath. I'll blog daily now about conditions so tomorrow's blog will have a more difinitve timeframe. Patience..