Elite Junior Programming

Over the past few years we have worked very hard to create instructional programs that will allow us to assist Juniors of all levels and interest to become better players and help them achieve their goals. Our Junior Membership includes unlimited golf, range balls and 8 free group lessons each Spring. At Pheasant Glen we do not restrict access to our Juniors, in fact we encourage them to come out anytime and play as much as possible. Through the success of some our juniors that have gone on to achieve golf scholarships to University's we have built a solid reputation as a place where young juniors can come to explore the opportunities that golf may present them. Because of this we have created various programs that allow each junior to excel as an individual within a group setting. Although each program varies in programming the goal remains the same; assist each student in achieving his/her goals to the best of our ability.


High School Academy

Conducted through School District 69 at both Kwalikum and Ballenas Secondary Schools, this is a "True" High School Academy. The High School Academy is open to all students in Grades 8 thru 12. Students in the High School Academy get to play and learn golf as their PE class during school hours and receive PE credits towards graduation. Students are transported in the Pheasant Glen Shuttle bus to and from the course.

 Single Semester & Year Long Programs

 Classes are run during 1 school block each day

 Learn golf and receive High School Credits!

 Pheasant Glen Junior Membership included

$1200.00 plus gst

(monthly payment options available)

Train to Compete Program

The Train to Compete program is perfectly designed to get athletes off to a great start in their competitive golf career. The coaching plan is based on establishing good habits and techniques in all areas, while introducing athletes to the competitive environment.

The Train to Compete program is designed for athletes new to competition and those playing at a Club and Regional level (at age appropriate level).

-year round periodized programming with over 100 hours of group coaching.

- Led by Academy Professionals and supported by Robert Ratcliffe and Gord Melissa

-Junior Membership at Pheasant Glen Golf Resort

-On site Tournament support at select events

-Standardized Year Plan

-Core education and coaching in Technique, Tactics, Mental Game and Physical literacy.

One time registration Fee: $300.00

Annual Fee: $1800.00 plus gst (paid in equal monthly payments of $150 plus gst)

train to excel program

Led by Head Professional and Lead Coach, Gord Melissa and supported by Robert Ratcliffe and Academy Professionals

The coaching plan in the Train to Excel program focuses on solidifying core techniques, increasing the athlete's knowledge base and developing scoring and competitive skills. This year round program exposes athletes training in technical, tactical, mental, physical, equipment, and health/lifestyle/environment aspects of performance.

The Train to Excel program is designed for Developing competitors playing at a Regional and Provincial level (at age appropriate level).

Year round periodized programming

Over 200 hours of group coaching

Junior membership at Pheasant Glen Golf Resort

On site Tournament support at select events

Flightscope, Tomi putting system, Video and other technology used frequently

Elite Junior Academy binder and materials

NCAA College Golf Recruiting assistance

Additional Training Camp opportunities (Arizona)

One time registration fee: $300.00

Annual fee: $3600.00 plus gst (paid in equal monthly payments of $300 plus)

Train to Win Program

The Train to Win program represents the pinnacle in competitive golf coaching. As well as core programming, Train to Win athletes focus on enhancing competitive skills and tournament preparation in a year round high performance setting. The coaching plan is based around multiple competitive peaks helping athletes when it matters most.

The train to Win program designed for High performance competitors playing at a Provincial and National level or higher.

Program Features:
 Suitable for competitive athletes, with a handicap of +3 to 6. 

Led by Lead Coach Robert Ratcliffe (2013 PGA of Canada Coach of the Year) and supported by Gord Melissa and Academy Professionals 

Year round, periodized and individual programming over 300 hours of group coaching.

Junior Membership at Pheasant Glen Golf Resort

On site Tournament support at select events

Skill development and coaching in Technical, Tactical, Mental, Physical, Equipment & Health/Lifestyle/Environment aspects

Includes Shot by Shot account, Edufii Membership, Titleist Performance Institute Membership

Elite Junior Academy binder and materials

Industry leading technology - Flightscope, K-Vest, Bodi-Trak

Elite Junior Academy binder and materials

NCAA College Golf recruiting assistance

Additional Training Camp Opportunities (Arizona)

One time registration fee: $300.00

Annual Fee: $6000.00 plus (paid in equal monthly payments of $500.00 plus gst)

Junior Camps 2016

Summer Camps 

Session 1: July 4th-8th                 2-5pm             $199.00
Session 2: July 11th-15th             2-5pm             $199.00
Session 3: July 18th-22nd            2-5pm             $199.00
Session 1: August 8th-12th         2-5pm             $199.00
Session 2: August 15th-19th       2-5pm             $199.00
Session 3: August 22nd -26th     2-5pm             $199.00

Summer Camps will cover the following:
            - Full swing fundamentals            - Proper golf etiquette
             - Rules of Golf                                - Short Game skills
             - On Course Instruction               - Shot Making
             - Pitching and Sand Play              - Scoring Strategies  

All camps include a snack and drink each day. To sign up contact the golf shop today at 250-752-8786.