Limited Memberships Available

There are a limited number of spots available—don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

To join Pheasant Glen there is a one time Initiation Fee of $1,000.00. The Initiation Fee must be paid in full when you become a member.

Men: $2780.70
Women: $2782.70

Includes:  12-month annual playing dues; $2600.00 plus GST; BCGA dues; Zone 6 dues and Member Event Fees.

The 12-month annual playing dues can be amortized over the remaining months of the calendar year with a $10.00/month admin fee. Members in their second year, and thereafter, of membership will have the option of 9-month playing dues, or 12-month playing dues.

Intermediate Memberships:

Open to players aged 39 and younger. The Initiation fee can be amortized over four years and play at reduced 12-month playing dues.

Call or email the Golf Shop for more details and join our membership today.

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