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Club Championship Results

During our Club Championship, participants were treated to great course conditions. Congratulations to all top winners in each category!

Thank you to Kelly Jacobson and his crew. Thank you also to Chef Jen and her team for the wonderful meal following the final round.


Top Winners

Women’s Club Champion: Lucy Dever

Runner up: Dyann Goodfellow
Women’s Net Champion: Nonie Carter

Men’s Club champion: Brian De Biasio

Runner up: Kelly Jacobson
Men’s Net Champion: Blake Anderson

Women’s Senior Champion: Isy Azzopardi

Runner up: Kathie Black
Women’s Senior Net Champion: Sasha Basic

Men’s Senior Champion: Kim Hay

Runner up: Ken Calthorpe
Men’s Senior Net Champion: Glen McKinnon

Men’s Super-Senior Champion: Earle Routly

Runner up: Dave Fookes
Men’s Super-Senior Net Champion: Kent Card

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