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golf carts and rollover protection regulation amendments

Seat Belts on Golf Carts? Add your Name to Say No to Future Regulations

Earlier this spring, WorkSafeBC requested public input on proposed regulatory amendments that would place a new requirement for seatbelts on power carts. While WorkSafeBC has said that “the proposed changes would not affect the public or golfers,” they also say that “additional consultations and public hearings will be conducted this fall.”

This review worries us, due to substantial costs that would be required to retrofit golf carts across the province.

There are an average of 60-75 golf carts per 18-hold golf course in BC. Upgrades to each cart are estimated to range from $1,500 to $2,000, costing $90,000 to $150,000 per golf course. The total expense to the BC Golf Industry is estimated between $15M and $20M.

The regulations, as initially proposed, would have included seat belts for golfers playing a round, or participating in a tournament in their capacity as an employee of their company.

Golfer’s will not use seat belts while golfing, and forcing them to do so will only cause golfing tourists to stay out of BC and take their tourism dollars elsewhere.

Help the BC golf and tourism industries make sure this silly idea is not resurrected this fall by sending a letter to the Ministers responsible for WorkSafe and for Tourism.

Voice Your Opinion

Add your name below. Support the BC golfing industry and say NO to seat belts or rollover protection as unnecessary for golfer’s safety, and an unnecessary cost:


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