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Pheasant Glen Junior Academy

Getting Kids Inspired for Life—Through Golf

If you’re looking for a fun, friendly, professional golf experience, Vancouver Island style, you will find it at Pheasant Glen. We pride ourselves on offering the best practice facility on Vancouver Island, where our junior members learn all the skills they need to succeed in the game—and in ‘real’ life after graduation. 

Many experienced golfers will agree that much of what they learned while golfing has translated into greater academic success, life-long friendships (through friendly competition!) and positive business relationships. At Pheasant Glen we strive to be the best total golf experience for all ages and skill levels—providing real-people socializing (leave those devices behind!), plenty of joking around and getting down to the business of golf. 

If you are an aspiring junior golfer with dreams of playing Tour golf, College golf, entering into the golf business or just want to learn more about golf, the Pheasant Glen Junior Academy is for you. The Academy is led by Head Professional and Manager, Gord Melissa, and Academy Instructors, Travis Busch and Ross Mantell. With this great leadership, the Academy has seen a minimum of one student receive a golf scholarship in Canada or USA since 2011!

Junior Academy Programming — Designed to Create Success!

Our Junior Academy is designed to create success through various stages of growth and improvement. Our junior options range from intensive 10-12 month programs with boarding options, competitive students, and entry-level programs for those who are new to the game. While they progress through our Three Tiered Program, our junior members enjoy full access to the practice facilities and the golf course with no time or daily restrictions:

  • Train to Play – designed to get athletes off to a great start in golf
  • Train to Compete – focuses on solidifying core technologies, increasing the athlete’s knowledge base and developing scoring and competitive skills  
  • Train for Success – enhancing competitive skills and tournament preparation
Youth Memberships

Going to School and Golfing
The Junior Academy provides the opportunity for students to develop their golf game while attending one of the schools in School District 69. This program is for motivated, responsible students who are dedicated to improving their golf performance and personal development.

Athletes Prepare for Real Life
We recognize that these young athletes must be as well prepared for life away from golf as much as they are for playing golf. Our instructors build personal relationships with our students, providing guidance in the pursuit of their dreams.

International Students Welcome
For students who wish to study English in Canada while also training to golf, partner schools in School District 69 offer ESL academic programs through the Qualicum International Program.

Winter? Forget Winter! Practice in our Indoor Instructional Studio
Our new Indoor instructional facility is one of a kind on Vancouver Island, with a large roll-up door providing the ability to train indoors, and hit balls out onto the range to actually see the ball fly. This is a great way our junior members are able to maintain their swing and short game over the winter months!

Indoor Instructional Facility

Top Reasons to Take the Junior Academy Plunge 
Golf is a great way to set your kids up for success in life, and have fun doing it:

  • Anyone can play, for life! – Success comes from strategy vs. shape or size
  • Safe, positive environment– golf facilitates mentoring relationships
  • Life-long friendships – the golf course is one of the easiest places to make friends, create a unique bond (even over the miles) that can last a lifetime
  • Prep for the business of life – golf helps prepare youth for careers in business and other professions 
  • Time outdoors – golf is the best excuse to spend the day outdoors enjoying nature with friends and family of all ages and abilities, and promotes lifelong exercise habits
  • Life Lessons – golf is much like the highs and lows of real life—they both require focus, managing emotions, and maintaining a good attitude. Golf teaches things like integrity, discipline, and respect; translating into everyday life. 
  • College Scholarships – avid golfers have college funding opportunities
Pheasant Glen Junior Academy

We can’t forget to add the best reason to sign up a loved one for our Junior Academy — FUN! As one Junior Member suggests, “you’ll have a great time AND get better at golf.

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