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Public Hearing of Bylaw Amendment Application

On Wednesday January 13, the Town of Qualicum Beach will hold a public hearing to review our Bylaw Amendment Application to remove barriers in current zoning—permitting the construction of a Clubhouse, Brewery Pub, Hotel/Lodge, Villas up to 2500 sq. ft, Cottages of 1,184 sq. ft., and various amenity buildings

Members of the public will be offered an opportunity to speak in favour or against the bylaw. 

The changes requested include, removing the 42-day stay limit, and other conditions and restrictions and it will require an Official Community Plan amendment to make the changes. 

We hope that Council will support a mixed resort community at Pheasant Glen. Our proposal includes a mix of kitchenette style hotel rooms, two bedroom condo/apartments, Cottages and Villas; all of which can be in the resort rental pool and managed by the resort. The proposal would also allow owners to live in their homes and/or put them in the rental pool. 

Phase 1 Development

The only significant changes we seek are the removal of the 40-day stay and the size of the lots and some of the units to meet changes in demand from 20 years ago. The form and character will stay the same, the density is the same, the number of units is the same, and amenities are the same or better. If the Council approves our application, we will continue the construction of water and sewer infrastructure starting immediately. 

The proposed Phase 1 includes:

  • Club House/Brewery Pub,
  • 60 units of Villas and/or Cottages, and
  • 1 of either a 40 room lodge or, a 6,000 sq. ft. amenity building with recreational and retail
  • trails connecting the golf course and the community trail network

The goal of the Bylaw Amendment Application is to create an adaptive planning framework that improves the sustainable economic viability of a multi-use lifestyle community within the context of a resort experience. In addition to the Bylaw Amendment Application details, we invite you to see the supporting drawings of this development application. 

At this time, we would appreciate your support, in person or in writing to the council.  

Please read the following letter and send an email to the council via the form below:

Voice Your Opinion to Council

Add your name below.  



Please feel free to forward this letter to friends and fellow golfers.

We thank members new and old for their support and understanding as we attempt to navigate these difficult Covid-19 times and the economic uncertainty that comes with them. We are taking a positive view of the future of the golf course, the resort and the community. If the Town of Qualicum Beach Council approves our application, it is full steam ahead with servicing of the lots, sales and construction. We hope to have the Clubhouse opening ceremony in time for the 2023 Canadian Men’s Seniors Championship.

Sincerely yours,

Craig Dutton, Bill Dutton 
for the Dutton Family

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