New Covid-19 Protocols in Effect at Pheasant Glen

Dear Members and Friends of Pheasant Glen,

A recent government order requires proof of vaccination against Covid 19 for customers of indoor or outdoor restaurant facilities, which is now in effect at Pheasant Glen.

As you probably know, everyone in BC will be required to prove they have been vaccinated, or they are forbidden to enter a restaurant or an outdoor food and beverage venue. 

As a result, you will see new signage on the property reflecting this regulation, and we will follow the new government regulation. We are happy to give the members an early opportunity to provide proof of vaccination if they choose to do so. You may take a photo of your vaccination proof and email it to Pheasant Glen

We recognize the security risks associated with the storage of such highly personal information, and give you our assurance that this information will be held in confidence. Having said that, we would prefer not to be in possession of any further personal information than necessary.

We prefer that you present proof if asked. Staff will ask if you have been vaccinated and if you have valid documentation. We regret this inconvenience, but we are subject to Government Regulation.  

Please do not challenge or abuse our staff when you they ask for this proof. As you know, our staff has been amazing through these trying times and we appreciate their dedication and loyalty. We cannot expect them to memorize whether each member has been vaccinated, so you please expect to be asked more than once. Any derogatory comment or abuse of staff will result in the offending individual being required to leave the property and possibly in other sanctions as set out in our Membership Code of Conduct.

We fully recognize the wide variety of opinions regarding the need, wisdom, scientific basis, veracity, and the constitutional legality of this regulation — which has not passed the scrutiny of the legislature. However, we will follow the spirit of ensuring the safety of members and customers to the best of our ability. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,

Bill, Craig, and the Dutton family
Pheasant Glen Golf Resort  

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