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In remembrance of William ‘Bill’ Klein: A great friend and a good man

Dear Members,

Last night at midnight, Pheasant Glen and the golf community across Canada lost a great friend and a good man.

William ‘Bill’ Klein will be known to many of you. He was a golf guy. He loved the game, he loved the social side of golf, the fellowship, the competition and the passion and compassion of golfers.

Bill was a long time Golf Canada volunteer. He was a solid and tough scorekeeper for the Qualicum Foods tournament for many years.

Since 2006 Pheasant Glen has had the privilege of hosting various British Columbia and Canadian Championships. One thing always remained the same, Bill would be involved. During British Columbia events Bill would serve on host committees, rules teams and be a volunteer leader. When it came to Golf Canada Championships Bill was always the Tournament Chair, taking on leadership rolls wherever needed and quite frankly was the familiar face behind events at Pheasant Glen.

Although not a member, Bill was a great friend to Pheasant Glen, tirelessly supported our events, promoted our Championship Golf Course and its member volunteers. Bill dedicated many hours to the game of golf and its governing body and was an advocate for everything good in our great game.

Finally, he was strong and courageous. He fought cancer nearly to a standstill. He will be greatly missed. He was a Champion in life. 

In honour of his courage, friendship and great work, on behalf of Pheasant Glen and golf we have decided to lower the flags at Pheasant Glen as a salute to great friend and a good man.


Craig, Bill and Gord

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