Elite Junior Academy – Train to Compete Program

The Train to Compete program is perfectly designed to get athletes off to a great start in their competitive golf career. The coaching plan is based on establishing good habits and techniques in all areas, while introducing athletes to the competitive environment.

Who is this program for?

The Train to Compete program is designed for athletes new to competition and those playing at a Club and Regional level (at age appropriate level).

Program Pricing

Fees are subject to GST. Athletes must agree to terms set out in our Elite Junior Academy Athlete Agreement.

Train to Compete Program Features

  • Year Round Periodized programming
  • Over 100 hours of Structured Group Coaching per year
  • Led by Academy Coaches with support from Gord Melissa and Robert Ratcliffe
  • Standardized Year Plan
  • Junior Membership at Pheasant Glen (includes practice)
  • Support at Select Tournaments
  • Academy Player Package (golf bag etc…)
  • Core education and coaching in Technique, Tactics, Mental Game and Physical literacy
  • A fun, stimulating, competitive environment!


More information

Contact Gord or Robert at 250-752-8786 or email info@elitejuniorgolf.ca