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Best Greens, Best Deck, Best View … A Must Play!

Hole 2 - Glen Nine

A very demanding Par 4. With water all down the left side and fairway bunkers to the right, accuracy with length will be rewarded. A well-placed tee shot should leave 150-200 yards to the centre of this multi-tiered green. 

This large green is well guarded by a perfectly placed bunker front right. Take an extra club to avoid a difficult bunker shot.

Hole 2 Par 4

Hole 3 - Glen Nine

From the back tees a long iron or fairway wood just short of the fairway bunkers at 235 yards is the smart play. An aggressive 265 yard drive past the bunkers into the narrowing fairway will leave only a short wedge to the green. Be aware of the lateral hazard down both sides. A conservative approach to the middle of the green will avoid the large bunkers on each side. Long on this green is trouble.
Hole 3 Par 4

Hole 4 - Glen Nine

The tee shot should favour the right side of the fairway, avoiding the fairway bunker though. The hole is deceptively long but the fairway is certainly wide enough. The large inviting green that slopes to the fairway can be very misleading. Avoid the bunker short left but too much club will find the hidden bunker behind the green. The middle of the green has birdie opportunity to any hole location.

Hole 4 Par 4

Hole 5 - Glen Nine

Similar to #3 a well positioned 235 yard tee shot short of the fairway bunkers is optimal. This will avoid the narrow section of the fairway and encroaching lateral hazard on both sides. This leaves a 140-160 yard approach into a tricky green that is long and rises from front to back. Hitting into the deep green side bunkers or long can make Par a tough accomplishment. Front to middle of this green is a smart shot.

Hole 5 Par 4

Hole 6 - Glen Nine

A misleading slightly uphill Par 3. Take an extra club to avoid the large bunker short right. A well hit tee short to the back right portion of the green is a safe play. The bunker on the left also m makes for a difficult up and down. You are better long than short on this hole.

Hole 6 Par 3

Hole 7 - Glen Nine

Birdie opportunity! A relatively short Par 4 guarded by two bunkers, one 50 yards short left of the green, and the other short right green side. A mid to long iron from the tee leaves a short wedge to a large inviting green. The only trouble here is out of bounds to the left. Birdie should be the result.
Hole 7 Par 4

Hole 8 - Glen Nine

This hole has one of the best views in golf, overlooking the front nine, Practice Facility and Academy. With Mt. Arrowsmith in the background, the view is spectacular. Take a moment to enjoy! A large bunker on the right attracts many a golf ball. Take a club less to compensate for the change in elevation, but hit it firmly. A birdie is achievable from the centre of the green.
Hole 8 Par 3

Hole 9 - Glen Nine

Fire away! This hole offers a generous fairway and is a reachable Par 5 for longer hitters. The irrigation satellite box on the left is 250 yards (all carry) from the green and is a decision making point. A tee shot inside this mark is a good opportunity to go for it. This green is slightly elevated with a lake in front so be sure to hit lots of club to avoid the trouble. If playing a lay up, try to leave yourself a hundred yard shot. It is possible to be close to the lake and be in the rough! A birdie is still realistic with a short iron or wedge to this shallow fairly level green.
Hole 9 Par 5

Hole 10 - Pines Nine

A good drive is necessary to leave a mid to long iron in on this tough par 4 from the black tees or reachable Par 5 for those playing from the blue tees or forward. For the best result, bring your approach shot in from left to right to avoid the green side bunker. From the flat portion of the fairway, take a little extra club to get it up the hill. The long green receives the ball well, but do not miss this green on the right side!
Hole 10

Hole 11 - Pines Nine

Be aware of the right side. Everything to the right bounces hard toward the hazard. The bunker on the left is a good miss. A very generous green, but a prevailing wind left to right makes it a difficult tee shot. A tee shot missed long and left leaves lots of green for an up and down par chance.
Hole 11 Par 3

Hole 12 - Pines Nine

A risk – reward tee shot. A well hit tee shot over the mound on the right will shorten this hold by 50-100 yards and leave only a short wedge in. A conservative drive to the centre of the fairway leaves a mid to short iron to what is a very inviting green. Be sure to stay to the left to avoid a group of trees short right of the green that can potentially block your approach. The only trouble at the green is two bunkers on the right.
Hole 12 Par 4

Hole 13 - Pines Nine

A signature hole. This beautiful Par 3 with a large lake can be very intimidating. From the back tees be sure to take an extra club. From the forward tees a conservative shot short left will bounce up onto the green. Large bunkers short and long provide an alternative to the lake with opportunities for up and downs on this generous green. The major obstacle here is to avoid the water, and to successfully deal with a large green.
Hole 13 Par 3

Hole 14 - Pines Nine

Accuracy and distance control off the tee is very important here. A long shot to the left will go through the fairway to the lateral hazard. A smart play is to hit towards the marker pole in the centre of the fairway, leaving a mid to short iron to this deceiving green. Although it has no bunkers, the green has lots of slope from back left to front right. Approach shots to the right side of the green will leave uphill putts and make holing out much easier.
Hole 14 Par 4

Hole 15 - Pines Nine

A simple looking Par 3 with lots of hidden tricks. An errant shot to either side of this green will bounce quickly away, bringing the lateral hazard into play on the left side. This green is generous up from but narrows towards back, making a back flagstick location difficult to attack. Winds can often swirl, making club decision difficult. Water is in play on the back right corner of this green. Centre of the green is a good play.
Hole 15

Hole 16 - Pines Nine

Accuracy and patience. This may be the narrowest fairway at Pheasant Glen. Hitting the fairway off the tee is very important in order to play a second shot into short iron or wedge distance to attack this challenging green. Trouble at the green comes with a bunker on the right, a bunker left and water left and long. Par is a good score on this first of three strong finishing holes.
Hole 16 Par 5

Hole 17 - Pines Nine

Another signature hole. This is one of the best Par 4’s you’ll find. You must drive the ball long and in the fairway to have a shot at reaching this tiered green surrounded by water. Ideal position is just short of the marker pole as the fairway narrows and the fairway bunkers will come into play. No pin seeking here! Play very conservatively to the centre of the green to avoid the large bunker on the left and the surrounding water. With no bail out area except short, Par is a great score.
Hole 17 Par 4

Hole 18 - Pines Nine

After playing this magnificent finishing hole, you’ll want to go out and play again. This is the longest hole on the course. Finding the fairway with your drive is difficult with fairway bunkers on both sides of the landing area. Decision time from here; lay up short of the second pair of fairway bunkers near the 150 pole for a 150-180 yard third shot. Or, you can take a chance, be aggressive, and cut the corner for a wedge shot to the green. This large inviting green will yield lots of birdies from this range. Longer approaches will be difficult with a bunker and water to the left and lateral hazard to the right. A solid par here will cap your experience at Pheasant Glen Resort.
Hole 18 Par 5

Hole 1 - Glen Nine

The first hole is a long slight dogleg right par 5 that can play as long as 605 yards from the black tee box. The hole should be played as a three shot par 5 for both long and short hitters. The play off the tee shot is to lay back shot of the three fairway bunkers as this is the widest area of fairway on the hole.

The green is surrounded with trouble so strategically placing the lay up shot to the right side of the fairway will leave the easier approach shot. The green is well protected with a water hazard short left, bunker long, and a closely mown collection area right. Pin position will dictate how aggressive the approach shot can be. If the pin is on the back shelf or the back left corner, middle of the green is a smart play. If you happen to steal a birdie be grateful, but a par 5 score is definitely above satisfactory.

Hole 1 Par 5