Course Conditions Archive

Thursday 7:00am

A normal day today. Greens – 11, grass everywhere getting cut. Enjoy your round. Kelly

Monday 6:30am

Another normal start today. Greens 10.5+, grass cut, no excuses today. Kelly

Saturday 6:30

It’ll be a bit cooler today but don’t put away the sunscreen quite yet. We’re going to cut some grass, rake some bunkers and change the holes today. Play well and enjoy the sun while it lasts.

Wednesday 6:30am

Another normal day. Greens 10.5+, grass cut and bunkers groomed. The birdies are waiting. Kelly

Wednesday 6:30a

Thursday 6:30am

A normal day today. Greens double cut 10.5+, holes changed, bunkers groomed, grass cut. Play well. Kelly

Tuesday 6:30am

A normal start to the day. Greens double cut 10.5+, holes changed, collars fairways and rough cut, bunkers groomed. Enjoy your round. Kelly

Sunday 6:30am

A normal day again. Greens cut 10.5+, holes changed, tees cut….make it a Sunday to remember. Kelly

Saturday 6:30

Greens, collars and aprons cut, bunkers raked and no rain clouds in the sky. All is well. Enjoy your round.

Friday 6:30

It’s going to be a bit cooler today, and we may even see a shower this morning. Aside from that the start will be on time on a great summer day. Enjoy your round.

Wednesday 6:30am

As normal as normal gets here…greens double cut 10.5+, bunkers groomed, fairways and rough and green surrounds cut. No excuses…play well. Kelly

Sunday 6:30am

Greens cut 10.5, holes changed, collars and approaches cut…a normal day. Enjoy your round. Kelly