Current Conditions

Qualicum Beach offers an ideal climate for an amazing golf experience

Current Conditions

Tuesday 7:30am

Frosty…the start ( if at all ) will be delayed. I’ll post an update at 9:30 on conditions at that point . Kelly

What to expect when you visit us in Qualicum Beach

Summer in our region is mainly a comfortable temperature, dry, and partly cloudy. Winters are chilly, wet, and mostly cloudy. 

Over the course of the year, the temperature varies from 3 – 22 degrees celsius, and is rarely below -3 or above 25 degrees. 

You can also find current weather conditions from the Weather Network.

Past Conditions

Update 10:00am

We should be able to start at 11:00. Please add 2 hours to your original tee time . Dress warm. Kelly

Update 9:30am

The frost is still not moving so I can’t say when we can get started. I’ll update again at 10:00. Kelly

Monday 7:30am

The clouds cleared off too early…we have frost so the start will be delayed . I’ll post again at 9:30 with an updated start time . Kelly

Update 10:00am Sunday

We’ll get started at 11:00 this morning so please add 2 hours to your original tee time . Enjoy the sunshine . Kelly

Update Sunday 9:30am

We’re still too frosty to be able to call a start time so I’ll post another update at 10:00 with a better guesstimate on when we can get started. Kelly

Sunday 7:30 am

We have frost this morning so there will be a delay of the start time . I’ll post an update at 9:30 with a new start time for today. Kelly